Artemisia Afra

Artemisia Afra is an endemic African species in the Wormwood family of plants. When taken correctly it is extremely effective as a prophylactic for malaria. A person who has not taken Artemisia prophylactically can still be treated with it should they contract the disease. Artemisia has several key advantages: Its proven use in Africa for centuries without any side effects as an effective, non-toxic, and safe treatment. Artemisia induce a more rapid reduction of parasites than any other known anti-malarial drug. Because of the rapid action of ingredients in the Artemisia plant is does not have to be taken over extended periods before entering or leaving a malaria area. Artemisia form a natural source and is free of the severe side effects in long term use experienced with synthesised artesiminin. Assisting with more energy increase, blood sugar stabilized and immunity increase.

  • Adults: 2 Capsules daily
  • Children 15kg -45kg 1 Capsule daily
  • Children less than 15kg 0.5 capsule daily
  • Starting one day before visiting a malaria area and daily thereafter for the duration of your visit. After leaving a malaria area, continue the dosage for at least 2-3 days.
Type of Packing Units per Pallet
Box of 16 3360